Monday, August 16, 2010

What a wonderful time of the year!

August is an odd month. I look at it as the end of Summer but not really. You are getting your kids ready to go back to school and college but it is still 90 degrees. It doesn't hit you that the season will be changing in the next month until you go to the grocery store and see mums popping up at the entrance. You step into A.C. Moore and there are beautiful orange and gold wreaths for sale. All of a sudden you are thinking of knitting and the thought of wool passing through your fingers makes you happy. That is why August is wonderful. You can have the best of both words. Wonderful warm days and a crisp coolness that signals wanting to play with yarn and wool.
Of course at The Lambs Wool the feel of wool passing through your fingers is always a reality. We have had a great Summer of beginner spinning classes. All of my students were successful with turning fluffy fibers into wonderfully knit worthy yarn. We certainly had a lot of fun while spinning. Now is definitely the time to think about taking either a beginner or advanced class. Even if you have spun in the past and are a little rusty come on in and get a refresher class.
Don't limit yourself to just spinning and knitting.We are also forming classes for traditional wet feltmaking and modern needle feltmaking. There is plenty of time to learn to make Santa Head Christmas Ornaments and Wet Felted Holiday Handbags. They are both so much fun to make and are wonderful gifts too.
So, enjoy the warm temperatures of August but plan ahead and live dangerously. Try a new fiber art and learn how to spin or make hand made felt. Classes are forming now so call Betty or Liz and let them know what day and time is good for you.

Think wool!
~ Rose

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